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Wedding Season

In the states, June is definitely the month for weddings and that seems to be the same in the UK! After the wedding in England, it was time for some Scottish wedding traditions. The first one was in St Andrews and it was Scott’s best friend, Mr. Love, marrying his beautiful fiancé, Sharon. I’m not kidding about his last name. And Scott made sure to describe how he lived up to the Love name in his Best Man’s speech!

The couple, Ally and Sharon (now Mr. and Mrs. Love), I have really been able to get to know over the last couple of years and adore them both. They are so much fun and they live in St Andrews, which is a bonus for Scott and me right now. Ok really me, because I have no friends. But fortunately, legally all of Scott’s friends are now mine.

The evening before the wedding they had a fun dinner at Forgan’s, which also happened to be Scott’s B-day! He claims he doesn’t like a lot of attention on his birthday and was thrilled that the wedding was happening at the same time. Yes, many of you are thinking of his amazing dance moves, karaoke skills and love for the occasional brewsky, which definitely makes him a wallflower.


The birthday boy in Forgan’s.

The St. Andrews wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful chapel on St Andrews University’s campus, St. Salvator’s Chapel.



That is Scott’s dad playing the bagpipes. Yea, I can’t even make this shit up. The ceremony inside the chapel was gorgeous with the organ playing the bride down the aisle. It was a chapel with the pews lined on the sides and facing each other and felt very proper. It was a great way to see all the fun hats that entered. As pretty as they are, I was distracted by them during the ceremony. How the hell do they stay on your head? Is there a headband? Are pins involved? Maybe glue? Why so many feathers? Does it match her dress and shoes exactly?



I did put a small headband on for this one. It’s more Blair Waldorf than Kate Middleton, but slowly building up. There was then an outdoor cocktail reception before heading into the main ballroom. It was very classic and absolutely gorgeous!



The evening was filled with an amazing best man speech (well done Scotty), a beautiful bride, an awesome band and lots of dancing!!



Scott with the groom and ushers. Yes, Scott is a giant.

Our next Scottish wedding was held near Perth. This was a new place for me to visit and it didn’t disappoint. We had a wonderful time enjoying the nuptials in a rustic barn complete with a sing along, as you can see below, during the ceremony. Instead of your classic hymns they had the words to “I want to hold your hand” printed on the back of the program. It was fabulous and I’m totally stealing that idea. I’m not kidding, perhaps a rendition of  “Can you feel the love tonight?”



There was also a huge dance floor and a great band that led Scottish country dancing. I’m still learning and trying to avoid being injured by Scott swinging me around! It’s almost as dangerous as me driving when my stud of husband forgets his strength and throws me into others. Fortunately, I can play the American card and just smile and say I’m new at this.


We also met up with Scott’s good friends, Becky and Ryan, who are the best and so much fun at a wedding! Becky was a total champ, she’s due next month and stuck it out the whole night. Dealing with a bunch of drunk Scots while sober should make you in line for Sainthood or something. I was in awe!



This wedding was held 4th of July weekend and definitely was my first time away from fireworks, pools and hot dogs. The stars and stripes may have been missing, but I did my best to remind everyone at the wedding it was Independence Day! USA USA!! I didn’t chant, well not that I remember.

And speaking of the USA, I had to attend another beautiful wedding via FaceTime this year. The now Mrs. Ashley Roberts was married in Florida and I sadly had to miss it. 🙁  However, I was thrilled to see her while she was getting ready! And was very fortunate to have friends and family at the wedding to share pics and videos with me throughout the day.


FaceTiming with the bride and bridesmaids! It’s like I was getting ready with them.

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