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The Open

It’s been a long, exhausting week and all the while I got to wear this special little number. Just check out my awesome polo and golf pants. Like my sweater? Yep, I wore that the entire week. In July. Never got hot either, not once.

thumb_IMG_2106_1024 2

Sorry no pics of me actually in it. That’s not going to happen.

My home the majority of The Open Week was the Patron Pavilion. Also known as a Sponsor Tent. The Brits are super fancy. There were sponsors like Rolex, Mercedes and Mastercard, not too shabby. And to get into this sweet place you had to see my smiling face first. Lucky dogs.

Leading up to this gig, I did spend a couple of days enjoying the practice rounds of golf. This is when players walk around the Old Course with an entourage of fans following them. Honestly, it’s much better than an actual tournament. You get to walk practically on top of them and crowd in so you can see if that cute little ball gets into that hole.


That’s Tom Watson. Totally have known who he is for like 2 weeks. Yea, I mean I am a master golf fan now.

So the only reason I really know about him is because he did a Mastercard commercial with Scott’s uncle.


Yes, I’m related to celebrities now.

I also saw Adam Scott on the practice days and I will admit I have known who he is for some time now. I once based a golf pool (Scott’s failed attempt to make me interested in golf) on how cute the players were and Adam Scott was ranked number one. He won that tournament by the way, so don’t diss the system.


From Wednesday through Sunday, I worked at the Patron’s Pavilion. And everyone I worked with gave me a look of complete shock when they found out I had moved from Washington, DC to Scotland. I have no idea why, I mean look at that beautiful view.


I know you all can’t wait to visit next summer. Make sure you keep your winter wardrobe handy, don’t go packing that away now. In between rain, wind, rain, more wind and did I mention rain? There was a lot of this:


Meet Sharon aka my only friend in St Andrews. As you can see we have a lot in common!

There is more to come on Open Week, so stay tuned

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  1. Laughing out loud as I read this… props to you for giving golf a try! At least drinking is part of being a spectator? I hope it warms up for you soon!

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