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The Open Part II

Trust me I never thought I would write a two part blog post on The Open. But, I have left the most exciting part for this post. During my 12 hour days of smiling (because smiling is my favorite), something magical happened.

On Thursday, a man with sunglasses, a hat and a hoodie walked in with about five guys in tow. Security didn’t see a badge on him so he was sent on to me. I looked up briefly thinking the outfit was a bit much, but asked for the last name. He said it was Ferrell and I proceeded to look at my list. Ferrell, Ferrell, Ferrell….wait, what? I slowly looked back up and realized behind that get-up and a rather bushy beard was Will Ferrell. I then thought repeating Ferrell back to him like a question was a good idea and he said Ferrell again and I said Ferrell again…it was a fun game. Finally, I thought the next thing I should do is start giggling uncontrollably like a 15 year old girl.

Fortunately, he thought this was amusing and started chuckling. Yes, I made Will Ferrell laugh.

Ok, maybe not so much with me and more at me, but I will take it. I did finally compose myself and told him where to go. He said thank you and was on his way. He went to the bathroom three times that day. Not that I counted or watched him go back and forth.

On Friday, he came back and the security man still didn’t recognize him (bless that man) and he had to come over to me. By the way, there were two of us girls at the reception desk and each time he came and talked to me. Just wanted to point that out. Anyway, he came over to ask me if he needed a pass and this time he took off his sunglasses and staring back at me was Buddy, Ron and cowbell. I couldn’t help myself and burst out laughing again. I was in a glass case of emotion!

He fortunately, even on day two, found this amusing and just smiled back at me. We chatted for a bit and he was super nice and so laid back. Exactly how you would imagine him.

Oh, I also saw Tiger, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and a few other golfers I admittedly had to google. But back to Willy. That’s what I call him now because we are BFFs! At the end of the day on Friday, he stopped back by the desk and told me thank you, bye and hoped to see me the next day. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

No, I didn’t get a picture with him. I mean come on I’m a professional.

I sadly didn’t see him on Saturday or Sunday because I only worked the mornings, but the memories will last forever.

For those of you that thought this post was going to be more about golf, fine whatever, here.

I did go down to the course on Monday to watch some of the finals.


Phil on the 17th green.


Day and Spieth on the 3rd. 


The famous 18th hole with The R&A clubhouse in the background.

Honestly, as a sports fan I will admit I really enjoyed it. It was the most exhausting week though, between working everyday and going out every night. I apparently thought I was 22 again. Only in my mind, not my body. I still can’t  fully function as a real human being yet.

Admittedly more of my time was spent in the pubs than the golf course, but we did go check out the trophy ceremony.


USA USA!!!! Yes, I did chant that. The people around me weren’t as amused, but for some reason when people look at me like I’m an annoying, loud American it just encourages me to do it more. Had I even heard of what’s his name in the picture above, nope sure had not. But I support my fellow countrymen and screamed and clapped when he won. And if he had not won, Jordan Spieth was on his tail. I mean Americans were at the top most of the competition, because we win everything.


Just a hop, skip and jump down from the pub where we were watching The Open to actually being on the 18th hole. There is no place like St Andrews when it comes to something like this. It was pretty cool. Yes, Scott I admit it.


Check out that sun. It lasted for about 5 mins.

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