The Greatest Game Ever Played

Said only Shia LaBeouf and well that’s not a reliable source. Golf and I have a love-hate relationship. I appreciate that golf is a sport that takes a great deal of skill, discipline and encourages long naps on Sunday. But it is very slow, takes hours to play and four days for someone to actually win.

This past weekend Scott and I went to The Open at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club. I love any place that starts with Royal, makes me feel fancy. If you know me or read my blog regularly then you may remember that this is not my first Open. The last time I went was two years ago, when I first moved to Scotland, when it was in St Andrews. Although then I actually worked the event and met the comedian god, Will Ferrell. Best. Day. Ever. This year I wasn’t as lucky and only saw golfers.

I was shocked by the crowds too.

When my hair was still on point before the rain.

We decided to go to Birkdale (which is a hood in Southport, which is very close to Liverpool, for those of you geographically impaired like myself) because we have friends who live there and offered to have us stay and be in walking distance to the golf. They also just had a baby, which was far more of a selling point for me.

Baby snuggles on the beach.

Our friends live five minutes from the beach and we went for walks each day with the little munchkin and their labrador who chased balls into the ocean – along with Scott, who was apparently jealous and got down to his boxers, waded through the water and raced to see who could get to the ball faster. I wish I was kidding.

We did eventually make it over to The Open on the Saturday and followed a few groups around and saw Adam Scott, Beef (don’t actually know his real name), Garcia, Fowler and Stenson. We then settled in on the 17th green to watch the final groups come in and saw McIlroy and Spieth.

McIlroy doing the golf squat. Not to confuse with the sorority squat.

Spieth concentrating on his putting, which proved to be beneficial. He won by the way, spoiler alert.

Alright that was a lot of name dropping, sorry. But I do have one more left because he was the one I was most excited about. Brooks “Cupcake” Koepka. I have pretty simple standards for golfers; good-looking, wins regularly and is preferably a Seminole. He encompasses all of these as he is easy on the eyes, just off his US Open win and definitely bleeds garnet and gold. And he once admitted golf is kind of boring. That’s my kind of golfer.

I was tempted to start the war chant when I saw him, but those golf cops with their stupid quiet signs can be a bit scary and I didn’t want to risk not seeing that cupcake up close.

Brooks showing off his best asset while he putts.

But, hands down, my favorite moment from The Open was the rake man. You know, the guy who rakes the bunker after a player stupidly hits their ball in there. There is one for each group and the one who walked around with the Scottish lad, Richie Ramsay, was a master. He was meticulous about his raking and got a round of applause and chant for “one more rake!”. Talk about good times. Add in a pint of beer, sporadic sunshine and not getting hit by a golf ball, it was overall a successful Open!



When your husband’s to do list includes watching Love Island.


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