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The Great Outdoors

Once upon a time an American girl thought she had grown up in the smallest place on earth, Gainesville, FL. Then she moved to St Andrews, Scotland. Thank goodness it’s beautiful and the accents are far better than the ACRs (Alachua County Residents). Sorry hometown, but it’s true!

St Andrews has been my home for a month and it’s one of the most charming places you will ever visit. It’s like being at Epcot, except it’s actually real. Every building was built a thousand years ago, ok well like 500 years ago, but still.


The other day google maps (yes, the town is small, but I still don’t know my way!) led me down a path that suddenly was all trees and wilderness. I was on my way to the dentist and to be in the woods was not expected.

I will be honest though, I started looking for large rocks that I could put my hands on and possibly find Jamie Fraser on the other end. But no such luck sadly. Yes, I am hooked on Outlander! My old boss, Robin, gifted me the series before I left and WOW, WOW, OMG, LET ME COOL DOWN! And by that I mean how lucky I am to already have found my hot Scotsman who I love dearly. Seriously, get on that show asap if you haven’t already. I’m already plotting how to visit Craigh na Dun and have been stalking, I mean casually googling Sam Heughan. Ok, Craig na Dun is not real, but that won’t stop me.

Now back to the woods in St Andrews. They aren’t really woods, it’s more of a path with greenery. But to me I might as well be lost in the Highlands. As many of you know, my love for the outdoors is very limited.


Yea it’s pretty, whatever. Many of you are thinking what a beautiful tree and stream. Where all I’m thinking is what kind of creature is going to jump out of that tree and into my hair. Fortunately for me this is probably the extent of wildlife I will have to deal with, because I have married a man who has outdoor skills that are equal or less than mine. Our idea of a beautiful day in nature is with thousands of our best friends in a stadium watching football (whatever country or sport you want to connect that with). Turf is like grass and you are usually exposed to the elements. I would also consider lounging by the beach or pool as an outdoor activity.


Check out that treacherous path.

Anyway, I FINALLY made it out of the woods and to a real road. I love me some concrete.

You may have noticed I mentioned I was on my way to the dentist. Yes, good thing about not having a job is that you can catch up on all your health needs. I have probably been to the health center a dozen times (and I have walked there because driving is a death trap). I’m perfectly healthy, but transferring things to another country isn’t the easiest. Don’t worry, I have also found a manicurist during this time, too. Priorities!

On top of discovering the woods. Ok Ok, it’s just a path called the Lade Braes. But they even provide a map because you COULD get lost!


I have also wandered up to Anstruther, which is a beautiful town about 15 mins from St A. It’s known for it’s fish and chips and even has the most famous shop, Anstruther Fish Bar. It’s the most famous because Prince William used to go there during his time at uni. And Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks and Robert Duvall have been there, too. Not sure what makes something the best more than Wills and De Niro. 


It’s also right on the coast and has a beautiful harbour. The east coast of Scotland is filled with harbours, which I keep calling marinas. I’m from FL, sorry!



Don’t mind the dark clouds, it didn’t storm. It’s just Scotland’s evil joke to hide the sunshine all the time.

And you can’t have fish and chips at the Anstruther Fish Shop without finishing it off with a 99. That’s an ice cream with a chocolate flake in it. Ben and Jerry’s eat your heart out, this was amazing!


As I end this post, I’m going to start a new segment of this blog called #MyNewNormal.



The other evening, Scott’s mom had a great dinner party that was a Pre-Open celebration. As in The British Open Golf Championship. It’s only called The Open over here, I have been instructed. Because you know golf was invented here and therefore it only needs to be referred to as “The Open”.  Anyway, as a part of the party there was a golf game in the back garden (backyard). This is my life now.



It’s not exactly cornhole, but I pretended I was tailgating 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. This may be my favorite!! Love you and the outdoors. But, oh what a beautiful place!! Can’t wait to get there!!

    1. I so look forward to your newsy posts and this one was great! “Love me some concrete” has to be my new favorite line and sums up your “outdoor spirit” to a T! ❤ AK

  2. OMG Ash, thanks for the laugh out loud read……
    Your blogs are great. Looking forward to more. Hugs to Scott.

  3. OMG – the views are amazing, and so are you photos. Keep them coming! I guess you didn’t run into any dead deer on the side of the path; another difference from that good ole’ Florida wildlife. SOOO glad you have found a manicurist.

    I’m also still REALLY enjoying the concept of you going from a screaming, brutal American football spectator to someone watching golf. You MUST be in love!

  4. I mean Outlander, right?! Like where has that show been all my life. Basically told Bob that I missed my calling to find myself a true Scottsman. He was…less than thrilled by that comment.

    Anywho, gorgeous pics lady, but totally get where you’re coming from with the undesirable outdoors and priorities around manicures. Well at least your outdoors are lush and green and not covered in red dirt like mine 😉

    Love reading your blog and can’t to see and read more!!

  5. Ok I am convinced. I will be starting Outlander asap. Also, love that they used Floyd’s told WAY too often joke (What do you call Chinese food in china…food) in context of golf. He will be thrilled! xoxo

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