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Wedding Bells

Those of you who know me well, know that I enjoy celebrating and extending a celebration as long as humanly possible. Therefore, I’m just writing about our wedding seven months later! Sorry, not sorry. Life just gets busy sometimes, but had to share at least a few snippets from our wedding week, no matter how… Read More Wedding Bells


The Great Outdoors Part II

For those of you that didn’t read The Great Outdoors post, first of all, shame on you. Where the hell have you been? And second, to catch you up, it was an in-depth analysis on my feelings towards the outdoors. This is Part 2 of those feelings. My dislike for nature stems from my childhood. Ha,… Read More The Great Outdoors Part II

Living Abroad

The Open Part II

Trust me I never thought I would write a two part blog post on The Open. But, I have left the most exciting part for this post. During my 12 hour days of smiling (because smiling is my favorite), something magical happened. On Thursday, a man with sunglasses, a hat and a hoodie walked in with… Read More The Open Part II

Living Abroad, Scotland


Before I met Scott, I knew the following about golf: 1. Tiger Woods: Because I don’t live under a rock 2. Arnold Palmer: Who doesn’t love iced tea and lemonade 3. Jack Nicklaus: He was such a good Joker 😉 4. Golf carts: Obsessed because they are like grown up Barbie vehicles St A is… Read More Golf

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Wedding Season

In the states, June is definitely the month for weddings and that seems to be the same in the UK! After the wedding in England, it was time for some Scottish wedding traditions. The first one was in St Andrews and it was Scott’s best friend, Mr. Love, marrying his beautiful fiancé, Sharon. I’m not… Read More Wedding Season

Living Abroad, Scotland

The Great Outdoors

Once upon a time an American girl thought she had grown up in the smallest place on earth, Gainesville, FL. Then she moved to St Andrews, Scotland. Thank goodness it’s beautiful and the accents are far better than the ACRs (Alachua County Residents). Sorry hometown, but it’s true! St Andrews has been my home for… Read More The Great Outdoors

Living Abroad

New country, new rules

It’s been one week since I arrived in Scotland, with only about 2 hours of sleep and 5 pieces of luggage. I left a city I love, along with so many family and friends I adore. I have been very lucky though, because everyone has been extremely supportive about this move. With that in mind,… Read More New country, new rules