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Summer lovin’

Summer is over and Mother Nature is laughing at all of us who thought Scotland was going to miraculously stay warm forever. As I mourn the sun, I’m thinking back to the highlights from my third summer in the UK.

Top 10 Highlights from my summer in Scotland!

1. There was an actual heat wave, I recorded 81 degrees one day! That’s bascially like living on the sun in Scotland, since air conditioning is one of those fancy new technologies that is limited here. Like tumble dryers, garbage disposals and ice.

2. I worked my very first 4th of July in my entire life. Yes, it was sad. But I work with the best people and they ordered burgers and shakes from Five Guys, rented Independence Day (check out President Bill Pullman below, still gets me every time) and put up American flag bunting for me! Pretty epic.

3. I pretended to care about the World Cup for a couple of weeks. I entered a raffle at work and picked Saudi Arabia, so my odds were pretty awesome. The real entertainment was watching Scots struggle with the decision on whether to support England or not. And, to be clear, none of them struggled.

4. I saw the one and only mouseketeer, Justin Timberlake, and danced the night away to his classics! His Man of the Woods tour is filled with fake trees and an indoor campfire, which is definitely my kind of camping. Plus he has discovered the best thing about Scotland…

5. I went back to Wimbledon this summer and enjoyed wearing a pretty dress, sitting in the sunshine and watching 8 hours of tennis! However, it was a shame the royals planned Prince Louis’s christening the same day, otherwise I would have been hanging in the Royal Box with the Duchesses. Schedule conflicts, what can you do.

6. I went to my third Open. That’s the British Open to every other country outside the UK. It was in Carnoustie and I really enjoy a golf tournament. Where else can you drink all day, hang out with friends and occasionally see Tiger Woods walk by? Or my personal favorite, Brooks Koepka. He’s a Seminole and not bad to look at, which is how I rate all my favorite golfers.

7. I enjoyed two garden party weddings this summer. Obviously the highlight of both was wearing a fascinator. I was also mistaken for a Canadian, which is a new one for me. I just said “sure” so we could talk about Justin Trudeau.

8. I played croquet for the first time. And by play, I mean I hit the ball and tried to get it through the metal things while drinking prosecco and wearing heels. I’m sure that’s how it was intended.

9. The Fringe Festival just ended and I am a broken woman because of it. Everyone spends most of the month drunk or hungover. Not that it is really different from any other month in Scotland. However, sleep is a luxury during August and money disappears pretty quickly. Which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that I paid £15 to follow a complete stranger around town and soar like a bird. Worth every penny.

10. And you can’t speak of summer in the UK without talking about Love Island. I definitely lost about a bazillion brain cells watching it every night for 8 weeks. Yep, pretty impressive, I was able to do everything on this list while also committing to watching Love Island. What can I say, I’m an amazing multi-tasker. And obviously loyal 😉 My friend threw a finale party and yes that is a flamingo balloon and pineapple cup filled with prosecco.

I taught my Scottish colleagues how to play flip cup the other week. Girls vs. Boys. We won 3-0 and we were very gracious winners.


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