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It’s Quarantini Time

Well, it’s been a minute and nothing like a pandemic to get me writing again. I am on Quarantine Day 17 and like everyone else I am trying to keep myself busy while staying at home. In an effort to keep myself sane during a time that is both sad and scary, I have tried to make home life as entertaining as possible. I thought I would share some of my activities because, well, I have nothing better to do.

Guys, I have found my hidden talent! I’m really good at puzzles (jigsaw puzzles for my UK friends). In addition to being awesome at it, I have also found it oddly relaxing like coloring. Basically all kid games are keeping me busy and calm during this time. And I don’t even have any children, but I still ordered some play-doh and I am seriously contemplating one of those Lego architecture sets.

Another talent I have discovered is that I’m really good at putting things into my slow cooker. Being home all day inspires me to throw a bunch of stuff in there and see what comes out. So far I have made meatballs, chilli, and even baked potatoes.

I also took the time to make homemade pizza dough the other night. Do I already have three frozen pizzas in my freezer? Yes, I do. But that only takes 10 minutes to cook while kneading and proving my dough (yea, I watch The Great British Bake Off) takes a good hour and I have time to spare at the moment.

Self care
Self care is really important right now. I keep reading that anyway. Well, I’m going to be honest I prefer professional care! I had to give myself a manicure for the first time in about 10 years and it was traumatic. Eight attempts later and it still looks like crap.

However, the self care I am game for are face masks. I love a face mask in the normal world so I am definitely up for a daily 5pm face mask, glass of champagne and a good puzzle. We all have our own coping mechanisms.

Now let’s talk about exercise. I’m all for it, I have been doing my exercises at home and my once allowed daily walk. Now you may not be aware of this because I don’t post about it. And you know why? Because I CAN’T STAND daily exercise posts. I know this may be controversial and I accept that. You may not care about my puzzle posts and you have that right. The only exception for me when it comes to exercise posts is if 1) You have created some cool at home obstacle course 2) You hurt yourself by falling off your treadmill or 3) You look like this while exercising.

Virtual Quizzes
Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of organized fun? I love a quiz! In the normal world I would create a quiz for a dinner party because healthy competition is very important in a social setting. And now that we can’t have dinner parties, there is nothing better than a virtual quiz with mates. I recently created a beatiful PowerPoint presentation for my quiz and it’s epic.

I have also enjoyed virtual happy hour, virtual brunch and quick chats on a regular basis with my family and friends. In two weeks we have made Zoom a verb. And I am even down with the kids and have downloaded House Party.

Streaming movies
On a personal note, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Al Gore. The world wide web is a godsend. Streaming movies are my saving grace right now and I have gone old school recently. I re-watched “Save the Last Dance” and “Step Up” the other day and discovered they are really, really bad. But it didn’t stop me from crying while watching both of them, mainly because I wish Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan could have worked things out. And I had a bit of regret for not sticking with my ballet classes after the 3rd grade.

I have gone back in time in other ways as well, like downloading the classic online game “Words with Friends”. Why did I ever delete that app? The excitement I feel when I get a notification is unparalleled. Plus it has everything; education, competition and incredibly annoying ads that waste a good two to three minutes.

I have also enjoyed some good old fashioned board games. As much as I like competing virtually, there is nothing better than beating someone in person. My husband and I love a game of scrabble because we are 70 years old.

Another educational thing I’m doing at the moment is studying for my “Life in the UK” test. I have been in Scotland for almost five years and at that point I have to become a permanent resident or I get kicked out. Part of the process of becoming a permanent resident is that I have to take a test about British history starting from the middle ages (no joke) to Will and Kate. The worst part is how many damn kings have the SAME NAME! Why? Why? One thing I have learned is that being named Charles is not lucky. Some bad shit has happened to all the Charleses and when I saw Prince Charles had coronavirus, I got nervous. You can do it, Charlie!! Be the exception!

Talk Shows
Thank you so much to the Jimmys, James and Seth for the home editions of your late night talk shows. I love American late night talk shows and I’m so grateful they have put their partners and kids to work in order to bring me a show from their mansions. Ellen, if you could do the same, I would really appreciate it. And I love John for creating the SGN network. Yes, I’m on a first name basis with these guys.

Finally, I would like to point out the true hero right now. Alcohol. I participate in a strict weekly schedule of Mimosa Mondays, Tequila Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays, Tito’s Thursdays, Fizz Fridays and Smashed Saturdays and Sundays. I think this guy is following the same schedule.

I used to end my posts with a #MyNewNormal tidbit in relation to my new life living in the UK. As it’s been almost five years, it’s just my regular normal life now. So instead I’m going to end my posts with #WhyIAmThankful during this time that we need to stay positive and hopeful for the future.

I’m thankful to everyone on the front line right now. Those risking their lives to make sure we are cared for in hospitals, have food in our grocery stores and deliver our Amazon purchases :-). Thank you so much, I really appreciate everyone. The least I can do is stay home and I hope you are too.


4 thoughts on “It’s Quarantini Time

  1. In a few years, we can laugh about how we randomly connected in Houseparty and cried real tears…LOL. Like for real real tears. BRAHAHA! Love ya

  2. Well, you did it again! This is so entertaining. You crack me up! Wish we could puzzle and quiz together. Virtual happy hour soon?

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