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Back home sports mainly consist of baseball, basketball, hockey, and FOOTBALL. Yes, I capitalized that to emphasize the importance.

Over here, soccer is king along with rugby and golf. Then there is a whole slew of sports like cricket, still unsure of it’s purpose and the distinction between Pinocchio’s little friend and it’s weird similarities to baseball. There is rugby league and rugby union. No clue the difference, but guessing they have different policies and views on immigration. And then there is my personal favorite Aussie Rules Football. It’s a combination of soccer, football, rugby, basketball and probably some cricket, if I knew what that was. It’s the most entertaining and baffling thing I have ever watched.


Well, hello there!


I think this may become my new favorite sport.  🙂

Ok, what were we talking about? Um…yes, sports. And my charming and stud of a husband’s obsession with it. I have talked enough about golf that I think you get the idea there. But he’s equally a fan of soccer. And yes, I still call it soccer!  We went to a local game the other day in Dundee. Dundee is about 30 mins away from St Andrews and it’s well…special. Scott’s favorite team is Dundee United.


Isn’t that cute? All 20 of us really enjoyed it. I seriously felt like I was at a high school football game. Except a bit more intense. I will give them that, the fans are REALLY into it. There is a lot of chanting. Most of which I couldn’t understand and most I’m glad I couldn’t understand. They basically figure out a way to rhyme all curse words and make it into a song. Then there is a lot of jumping and vulgar hand gestures. The fans spend the majority of the game insulting the other fans. And I spent the majority of the game watching all of this.

Oh, yea there was a game going on as well. But the fans are far more entertaining than a bunch of men running around in circles and occasionally tripping each other. Which leads to a dramatic fall and clutching of some body part they claim is injured. Such babies.

The stadium is quite a beauty too.


There’s the barbed wire to keep people from jumping the fence.


And there’s the turnstile that is what I imagine an entrance to a jail to look like. The colors are orange and black. Ok, Scott, TANGERINE and black. But I’m sure orange jumpsuits would blend in nicely.

When we are not watching soccer, golf or jiminy, then there is always darts. The World Championship of Darts, to be more specific. Go ahead, take a moment and think about that. I do mean the bar game in which one throws a sharp peg at a board. There are people who not only do this professionally, but there are people who also watch it. And the men that play are about as opposite of Aussie Rules Football players as you can possibly get.


That somewhat good-looking Aussie Rules Football man above is Jonathan Brown by the way. Not that I have been stalking him. He retired last year. Damn it, just when I found him. I mean the sport, I am really interested in the sport.

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  1. Ashley, your Grandfather, John Polychronides, loved and played soccer. He was very good.
    In Savannah, he formed a team (one, an Englishman who was a tea tester for Tetley Tea)
    and they would get an opposing team together from one of the ships that came into port
    in Savannah. Back then (1950’s) soccer was not that popular in America. Tampa has just
    reorganized their old soccer team, the Rowdies for the 3rd time. Looks like sports are
    definitely a favorite entertainment in Scotland.

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