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Wedding Bells

Those of you who know me well, know that I enjoy celebrating and extending a celebration as long as humanly possible. Therefore, I’m just writing about our wedding seven months later! Sorry, not sorry. Life just gets busy sometimes, but had to share at least a few snippets from our wedding week, no matter how long it’s been!

Bubbles at our flat- Recently Scott and I inherited 18 crystal champagne glasses from his grandparents and of course we registered for 8 more, so decided we needed a reason to have all of these glasses used at one time. And, therefore, invited all my Americans over to the flat (all 35 of them). It’s a one bedroom flat, so it was cozy.


My beautiful bridesmaids in our home.

St Andrews Day- My family and friends may argue this was the best day of their week, I will pretend they mean other than our wedding day, but I know I’m lying to myself. My MIL planned the most amazing day including golf, lunch at the club, walking tour and an ice cream truck! Yes, I said ice cream truck.


Brasher, me, Meg and Floyd enjoying our cones from Cone of Golf 🙂

Bridesmaid Tea- Best excuse ever to eat little sandwiches and drink warmed flavor water with my favorite women!


Thanks to Karen for hosting us all at the Dome!

Welcome Drinks- When cultures collide! All of our people met up for some pre-drinks before the big day at our local pub.


With the beautiful Ash who took planes, trains and automobiles to get there!!

Wedding Day- I’m the one in white. Scott’s in the skirt.


Thanks to the fabulous Footstone Photography for capturing our day!

4th of July BBQ- On the 3rd of July! Happy Independence Day!! Nothing like celebrating independence from Britain in Britain.


Enjoying the roof top bbq hosted by Steven and Charlie!

Huge thanks to all of our family and friends for making the trip and everyone for being there to celebrate with us. It was an amazing day and week! Let’s do it again this summer!


In order to get sun and warm weather in July these days you have to fly to the coast of Africa. Honeymoon in the Canary Islands!


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