Scottish Travel Tips

What do you do when 40 Americans are visiting Scotland for the first time? Give them some helpful travel tips, of course! I shared the following with my family and friends before visiting my new home for our wedding.

  1. Wine comes in small and large glasses. Yea, no free pour over here. Obviously you will go with the large, but just want you to be prepared for this silly question.
  2. Remember “look right, then left” when crossing the road. I know it seems easy, but you will no doubt be run over.
  3. You will be offered tea 100 times a day. Also, dinner is sometimes referred to as tea, so that’s confusing.
  4. People love to do rounds of drinks over here. So, at first, it will seem like everyone is being nice and buying you a drink, welcome to Scotland! But eventually it will be your turn!
  5. Biscuits are cookies, chips are fries, juice is soda, pants are underwear and so on.
  6. The Scots think they invented everything, but in reality they basically invented the telephone, the toaster and Sean Connery.
  7. If people ask you if you want red or brown sauce, just say no thank you. Red sauce is ketchup and they will put it on anything. And I’m still unclear on what brown sauce is.
  8. The Scots root for anyone against the English. They are the enemy, like the Gators 😉
  9. Summer is not a season here. Plan for Fall or if you live in Florida, plan for Winter. I’m sorry.
  10. Remember a rubber isn’t what you think it is.

I know I’m the best, my people were really well prepared for their journey!


My friends enjoyed the summer weather! 
They drank lots of tea (while still wearing their coats on inside).
They listened when I said order a large at the bar. 😉
And they enjoyed rounds at a local pub.

This was just the beginning of our week together, which included jet lag drinks in a pub the first night everyone arrived, bubbles at our flat the second night and then a full day in St Andrews hosted by my in-laws. Stay tuned for all of this and more! You will definitely be jealous if you chose not to come or worse you weren’t invited. 😉


It’s Festival season in Edinburgh! It’s when the world comes to see comedy, dance, theater and experience the amazing culture Edinburgh has to offer. Or just the incredible drinking establishments and pop-up bars.


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