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Haud yer wheesht

Before I moved to Scotland, I thought how lucky I was to be moving to a country that speaks English. Baha! Three years later and I’m still learning a new Scottish word or phrase everyday. The majority revolve around booze, insults or the weather.

Here are some of my faves:

An alcoholic beverage. Learned this one pretty quickly.

Steamin, Pissed, Sloshed, Hammered, Plastered, Slaughtered, Goosed, Wrecked, Bladdered, Minced, Trollied, etc.
These ALL mean you are drunk. And there are many, many more.

Exhausted. Because you are most likely hungover from the night before.

Haud yer wheesht
This means to shut your mouth. Really love this one. Any affectionate way to tell someone to shut up makes me happy.

Yer aff yer heid
Translated to “you’re out of your head”. Meaning you’re a freaking crazy person.

Don’t be daft.
Don’t be silly. But sounds a lot more insulting.

Yer a chancer
You’re pushing your luck. Stop being daft and haud yer wheesht.

Wee Baw Bag
Wee means small and well I think you can figure out the rest. It’s not a compliment.

Jammy B***ard
Someone who is lucky, but didn’t do a damn thing to deserve it.

It’s a dreich day
It’s cold, damp and miserable. So everyday in Scotland.

Taps aff
Tops off. On the rare chance it gets higher than 50 degrees, it means sun’s out, guns out.

Nae bother
No problem. I get this one a lot, especially when I tell people thank you (which I do because I was raised right). I have found that Scottish people aren’t used to receiving praise, so instead of “you’re welcome” they keep it casual with “nae bother”.

Ah dinnae ken
It means “I don’t know”, like I don’t know how the hell to say “Ah dinnae ken”!

Bonnie lass
What my husband calls me everyday! Well, he at least thinks it.

And that is your Scottish lesson for the day. Nae bother!

It was warm enough the other day to have an ice cream cone. It was thrilling, that’s all.


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