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Road Trip

After just 3 days in Scotland we hit the road down to England. One of Scott’s uni friends was getting married. By the way, I’m just going to seamlessly start using British slang and see if anyone notices 😉 Uni for University, basically a college dude from his golfing glory days.

The wedding was in King’s Lynn, England, about a 7 hour drive from St. Andrews. We decided to break it up and headed out on Thursday night.


Just your usual road trip snacks!

We drove about 3 hours that evening and stopped in the town of Durham. We had booked an inn for the night. It was basically the type that you see in the movies when an American girl is lost, think Leap Year or Chasing Liberty. Which I never really understand why it’s so hard for Amy Adams and Mandy Moore to find a damn phone and get home, but I digress.

We arrived in Durham and while Scott was trying to find parking, I hopped out to check in. I opened the door and back at me stared ten older chaps all drinking a pint and looking really confused at my presence. Then a rather annoyed looking woman came bursting through the door with one hand still outside on her cig that she hade been smoking outside. She rambled a few words that I didn’t understand and I just smiled and nodded while saying my husband was on his way. I felt just at home.

Once we got checked in, we walked up the 4 flights of stairs (b/c elevators have still not been invented in this country) and came to our quaint room.



Don’t worry we did have a tub and kind of a shower. But it was one of those without a standing shower so I had to creatively figure out how to wash my hair. I grunted and moaned over this, I really think those type of tubs were made for people who have people to help wash them. Scott, on the other hand, had no problem with his increasingly less head of hair.

That evening we found a small pub where I, of course, ordered fish and chips. Yes, I’m that corny and felt the need to get it in immediately. By the way, I will never call fries chips and chips crisps. That’s probably not true, but for now I’m sticking to my guns. I also ordered a sauvignon blanc after Scott’s failed attempt to get me to order a Guinness with him. No, thank you.



The green stuff is smashed peas. Don’t ask me why. And a huge roll, just in case you didn’t get enough from the fried fish and fries.

The next morning we woke up and headed down to breakfast. There we met 92 year-old Lucy from Canada who comes and stays every summer in Durham. She’s originally from the area, but moved to Canada after being a war bride. Yes, we got her life story. The housekeeper described her “as fit as a butcher’s dog”. Yea, first time I had heard that one, too. We sat and chatted about America as she quizzed me on the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner and thanked me for her wake up call (my hair dryer). Oops!

I then had a traditional English breakfast. That’s bacon, just in case you were wondering.


After breakfast we decided to take a wander around town. We headed to the university and came across the Durham Cathedral, where a nice English man was setting up for a service inside and asked if a lovely lady would like some of the flowers? I accepted and walked around the rest of the city with flowers in hand waving to the people of Durham.



Next stop King’s Lynn and a beautiful English wedding!

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  1. I have a picture in my head of ‘fit as a butchers dog,’ but, could you take a picture next time? Trying to get the real story. Love ya, mean it!!

    1. And WHY do you just assume we’ve never heard that phrase before? I use it every day, or will start now, anyway. Your comment on the smushed peas left me in tears. Keep ’em comin. XXOO

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