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Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…

Let me introduce you to Jamie Fraser.

It’s ok, you can take a moment and soak up that jawline.

Jamie Fraser is the Scottish hunk on the TV series, Outlander, and he makes me REALLY happy about living in Scotland. Other than my husband, of course.

For those of you sad people who haven’t watched Outlander, let me explain. It’s a TV series set in Scotland and based on the historical fiction books written by American author, Diana Gabaldon. Most of it is filmed in Scotland and I have casually stalked these places in effort to meet Jamie aka Sam Heughan (for obvious reasons). I really want it to happen organically though, you know like running into him in a pub or inviting him to go on an Outlander walking tour. Unfortunately, neither have worked out so far.

If you have the same healthy obsession or are at all intrigued by this, I thought I would share some of the film locations that are in or near Edinburgh that you can check out for yourself. Or you can just be really jealous that you live far away and will never meet Jamie. Sorry!

This is the location used as the print shop where Jamie and Claire reunite! Claire is Jamie’s love interest and well she’s cool, I guess. A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went on an Outlander walking tour around Edinburgh (we are both very cool girls, I promise) and when we came to this filming location we acted totally normal.

Yep, that’s us lip syncing to the Outlander theme song in public. Again, I promise we are usually very cool, normal people.

Outlander Bakehouse Close

See we were right there!! This is why we were such fangirls.

This serves as Wentworth prison where Jamie is imprisoned and serves as a stand in for Fort William. You know I love a castle, but to be honest this one uses several corridors and dungeons and I can’t quite tell them apart. However, the point is Jamie walked those halls and that’s all that matters.


Just hanging out in the tower waiting for Jamie.

Also used as Fort William. Here you know exactly where the scenes are filmed of Jamie getting flogged. Ok, I’m not doing the best job at selling this to new timers, but just go back and look at Jamie’s face again and you will be fine.

Scene from the show.
Visiting Linlithgow Castle!

When Claire can’t be with her love she decides to go to med school. If you have watched, you will understand that she has to keep her mind occupied on something other than Jamie’s body, I mean his wit and charm. The Anatomy lecture hall in Summerhall is where they filmed her classroom.

Lallybroch!! So, I haven’t actually been here yet and I’m not going to lie, I will probably cry when I do. Lallybroch is Jamie’s home on the show and they use Midhope Castle for all of the exterior shots.

This serves as the Governor’s mansion set in Jamaica. Little would you know it’s actually a really old building in the center of Edinburgh! Totally the same.

This only scratches the surface, as there are several more locations throughout Scotland. But, don’t you worry, my friend and I have a road trip planned over the summer and I will give a full report. We are also thinking of getting a life size cardboard cut out of Jamie to go in our office. Too much?

Now go watch Jamie rock a kilt and enjoy that knee porn.

I was on a Hen party the other weekend and on my way I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the usual necessities: prosecco, mini tins of G&T, chips, chocolate and ibuprofen. The cashier asked me where my hen party was and I told her Loch Fyne in my well developed and apparently annoying American accent from the past 30 odd years. She corrected me and said LOCH in her Scottish accent which isn’t “Lock”, but sounds more like you are hacking something up. I just nodded and said you have a nice a day. By the way, a loch is a lake and it starts with the same letter and is the same amount of syllables. But really glad there is a different word for it over here. Super helpful.


1 thought on “Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…

  1. Love your blog. Congrats for living in Scotland, I am past the age to do this, but did make the trip last
    spring with my sister. I am a HUGE Outlander fan, so could spend hours looking at the previous shows and am on my 5th book in the series. I too, began my life in and around D.C, born in Baltimore, lived in
    places around the Capitol Beltway, and northern Va., but now reside in Ft. Myers, Fl. Still visit the area
    for family and friends, but only when its above 60 degrees. I can only imagine the weather in Scotland,
    mid winter, but my visit was in April and the gods granted me sunshine and very little rain.
    Best wishes on your travels, and I look forward to more of your stories., especially where Jamie walked.

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