When in Milan

It’s been 10 years since I have been to Italy! I know poor, sad me. But 10 years is a long time to go without homemade pasta, pizza and Italian men.

10 years ago looked something like this…


Young, single with my girlfriends pretending to be in a tampon commercial.

Now it looks something like this…


Still young, but being married to this dude means you visit every stadium in the world, even when you are in Italy.

It was a condition before I agreed to move to Scotland that we would travel as much as possible in Europe. So long weekend trips have become a bit of a norm and I love it! We chose Milan as a destination because if you all know my husband, he’s a total style icon.


No one can rock a hoodie like Scott can.

Unfortunately, I could only press my face against the beautiful window shops, because just walking in the door would cost me more than my annual salary. But it was fun, nonetheless.


Beyond the shops, Milan proved to be full of beautiful sites and the Duomo was one of them.


We did the terrace tour and climbed (ok, we actually paid a couple more euros to take the elevator) to the top of the cathedral. It was a gorgeous view of the city! It always amazes me how easily accessible places are in Europe. You can walk on and touch anything! In the states everything is in dark lighting, behind glass and with a security person ready to pounce on you. Which proves why every time Scott and I walk into a museum, I stand at a safe distance from an object while Scott will pick it up and play with it.




I will admit we didn’t plan this trip exactly the way I would have liked. And by that I mean not at all. Scott likes to be spontaneous and easy-going. I prefer a detailed itinerary listing every minute of the day. Hey, opposites attract! But we took his fun-loving approach to this trip and ended up not seeing the Last Supper. Yep, THE Last Supper. We went the day of to see if we could get last-minute tickets and the woman laughed in our faces and said to come back in 2 weeks. Awesome, maybe we could spontaneously come back for another trip then. But we did get to see another Leonardo da Vinci painting and Michelango’s final sculpture.


This is called Madonna, child and random man.


Proof it’s by him.


Michelangelo’s final Pieta.

Not too shabby, but not quite the same. We also tried to get opera tickets the day of, shockingly that didn’t work out either. However, we did take a tour of the Opera House and I pretended what it would be like to wear a gorgeous red dress, expensive jewelry and Richard Gere.


Teatro alla Scala

We did, however, figure out how to go to San Siro Stadium while we were in Milan. What is that you ask? A soccer stadium. No Last Supper, no opera, but I got to see the locker rooms for A.C. Milan and Inter Milan.



I could have died and gone to heaven then. Except, wait there was more.


Rows and rows of jerseys. I recognized only one of them. But the best part was playing a trivia game against my husband.


My score is on the left! Ha, beat that buddy! USA USA! Sorry, I always chant that now when I win things 🙂

Finally, we did the most important thing you can do in Italy. Eat and drink.








I think the pictures speak for themselves. Ciao Milano!



My mom visited a couple of weeks before this trip and we went to a light show at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.


Safe to say I’m in not in Florida anymore. Disney has ruined everything for me.

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  1. Yes, I CLEARLY have been focusing on all the wrong things when I travel. Not sure I could have the clout to go behind the scenes into Soccer stadium locker rooms. I’d say I’m jealous, but then, well, honestly, I’m not! XXOO

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