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Meet me in Paris

“America is my country and Paris is my hometown,” said American writer, Gertrude Stein. I may have to agree with good old Gertie on this one. I’m obsessed with Paris. I feel at home, at ease and constantly inspired. Perhaps it’s the champagne, crepes or croissants that make me so happy, but I feel that even on a bad day, Paris is better than anywhere else in the world. As the iconic figure, Blair Waldorf once said, “If you’re going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris”.

These two amazing women get it and I share their love. I know I have written about Paris in the past, but I recently went on a mother – daughter trip and explored some new things and thought I would share my top 11 things to do in Paris! Because, well, I had more than 10 to share, so you’re welcome. 

Musee d’Orsay: I really love impressionist art. Monet, Renoir, Cassatt, Degas. Ok, now I sound really pompous, but I can’t help it. 

Arc de Triomphe: Everyone wants to climb the Eiffel Tower, but the one thing missing from that view…is the Eiffel Tower! But when you climb up the Arc de Triomphe you have a spectacular view of the city AND the Eiffel Tower! Just sayin’.

Croissants and baguettes: Croissants just taste better in Paris. And you know how you see people in movies walking around with baguettes under their arms? That’s actually a real thing! I’m definitely going to start this trend in Scotland.

Shakespeare and Company: This the cutest bookshop near Notre Dame. They don’t let you take pictures inside, but it’s floor to ceiling of books and people sitting around writing, reading and playing the piano. I’m not really sure why they are playing the piano, but I dig it.

The Louvre at Night: The Louvre is filled with so many beautiful pieces of art, but the outside is just as gorgeous and I think really shows its best side at night. And it looks even better if you have a bottle of champagne with you! Just a suggestion.

Sacre-Coeur: I’m going to say it, I like this better than Notre Dame. It’s not only a beautiful cathedral, but it’s less crowded and it has a spectacular view of the city. You do have to climb a ton of stairs or you can take a tram up. But beware of the tram ticket lady! She has limited patience with Americans and we may have exchanged some not kind words 😉

Escargot: I love snails. And I’m one the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. But I can’t get enough of these slippery little suckers.

Musee de l’Orangerie: If you love Monet, then you have to check out this museum! It was literally created for his panels of water lilies. This is my kind of nature.

Crepes: Paris is obviously known for crepes. There is a crepe shop on every corner, but my favorite place I have been so far is Bisou Crepere. It has the most amazing savory and sweet crepes! You can have one for dinner and then one for dessert, paired with a bunch of wine. Basically heaven.

Eiffel Tower at night: Ok, I really like Paris at night. And I don’t care how corny it is, I love the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. My most recent trip I tried to communicate with my uber driver that I wanted a bar that was close enough to see the Eiffel Tower when it twinkled. He didn’t speak English, so there were a lot of hand gestures and google translate, but somehow he did bring us to a hotel that had a roof-top bar! Unfortunately, it’s only open in the summer, but I was impressed with my amazing communication skills.

Cafes: My absolute favorite thing to do in Paris is to just walk around and stop at cafes along the way. There is nothing better than sitting outside, drinking rose and judging the people walking by, I mean people watching 😉

Aaahhh I’m already so desperate to go back! Off to watch Midnight in Paris and Devil Wears Prada (who can forget the dramatic scene when Anne Hathaway throws her phone in the fountain!).


Snow. I used to love it. I was that Florida girl that would run to the window and shriek at the first sign of snow flurries. But Scotland has ruined that for me. Scotland has seen the worst snow in like 10 years and their ability to cope is non-existent. Everything stops. Trains, buses, cabs, the ability to walk because salt is apparently a luxury in this country. Also, my husband threw a snowball right into my eye and I am pretty sure I’m slowly losing the limited sight I have left. So snow and I are in a fight. Better not show its face for a couple of years.


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