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Cheers my dears

It’s been three years. Three years since I moved from this…

to this…

In honor of this anniversary, I have decided to share the highs and lows, the peaks and valleys, the pros and cons of being an American Expat in Scotland!

PRO: The beautiful history and architecture of Edinburgh never gets old!
CON: Modern conveniences like tumble dryers, garbage disposals and crispy bacon are scarce.

PRO: 2 hour flights to Paris, haha I live 2 hours from Paris! (Obviously said in a taunting tone).
CON: Paris is expensive and I have been twice in the last 6 months, oops.

Wine at the Louvre. Doesn’t get much better!

PRO: Skin cancer isn’t really an issue here.
CON: But my white a** legs are.

PRO: CASTLES!!! And not having to wake up at 4am to watch the royal wedding.
CON: Horrible reminder that I am still not a princess 🙁

Edinburgh Castle, I walk by this everyday.

PRO: New family and friends teaching me weird words like rubber. Nope, it’s not what you think it means.
CON: My family and friends back home 🙁 Miss those crazy people. 

PRO: Booze. A pint, a dram, a gin, etc. it’s all good here!
CON: So much tea! Warm flavored water is like crack to these people. But to be fair you can usually get booze along with your tea! Thank goodness.

Boozy tea at the Old Course Hotel!

PRO: The chocolate. Hershey, should really be embarrassed.
CON: Is there a shortage of ice in this country? What’s the deal? My diet coke NEEDS ICE, PEOPLE!

PRO: Holiday allowance, otherwise known as Vacay time! I can go on a holiday for a few weeks and still have my job when I get back. Crazy.
CON: My whole paycheck goes towards travel! 

Barcelona fun!

PRO: Some people think it’s great I am from America and that I have a “cool accent”.
CON: Others call me a yank. Which I HATE. Not only because of the geographical ignorance, given I’m from Florida and not New England, but also because this term is never used affectionately. Yea, I still have not let this go.

PRO: Stalking Outlander  film locations and Sam Heughan.
CON: The disappointment of still not meeting Sam Heughan.

That chin, those eyes, aaahhh!

PRO: Still getting to vote even when I live overseas.
CON: Being asked about politics and that man I would rather not mention. I’m sorry I can’t speak for all Americans and their voting decisions, I don’t get it either.

PRO: Rugby players.
CON: No American football 🙁

Enough said.

PRO: Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn!
CON: Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn?

PRO: Hangover food is the real deal. Bacon or sausage on a giant roll drenched in ketchup.
CON: There aren’t any drive-thrus, so I have to make a public appearance in my pjs to pick up my food.

PRO: Everyone is genuinely friendly.
CON: Except customer service isn’t a thing b/c they don’t believe in tips. I really miss paying people to do things for me.

I just came back from a week in the states and visited Florida. For the first time in my life, I muttered the words “Florida may be too hot.” Aaahhh what is Scotland doing to me?!


2 thoughts on “Cheers my dears

  1. I grew up in Scotland but now live in England, and for me England is a bit too hot most of the year. Until you’ve reached that level I think you’re ok 😉

    I just got back from working in South Carolina for two weeks and I’m pretty sure it’s the hottest I’ve ever been.

  2. This is GREAT! …just found out that we will be moving from DC to Edinburgh in two months, so I’m scouring the web for something that will help me wrap my head around what is to come. I have so many questions!

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