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Hen do, Hen don’t

Hen parties. They are like Bachelorette Parties, but for some reason they like to be associated with poultry. Men are stags, which I think are far more attractive than hens, but I don’t make the rules. Because if I did…then I would suggest women being does. You know doe a deer, a female deer. I digress…

I have been to and planned more Bachelorette Parties than I can begin to count! But since moving to the UK, I have also experienced Hen dos. Do is another word for a party, don’t worry you aren’t getting a haircut that looks like a hen. It’s confusing, I know.

I had a couple hen dos last month and it made me think of the differences, I have found, between how the UK and US throw these nights.

Family affair: In the UK you often times invite your mom, MIL, aunt, mother’s best friend’s sister to a hen night. This doesn’t happen in the states, we have more sophisticated parties for them. They are called Bridal Showers aka another reason to have another party and get gifts! Think the US is winning on this one. Because 1) you get two parties and 2) you don’t have to watch your MIL squirm at some of the answers from your fiance’s Mr. and Mrs. quiz.

Christmas comes early: In the US there is usually some kind of lingerie component to a Bach party. Yep, all of your good girlfriends stock you up on thongs, bras and often times pieces you aren’t quite sure how to get into.

Blinde date: In the UK the hen doesn’t know the itinerary for the day/weekend and sometimes doesn’t even know where she’s going. My Type A bitches in the states would have gone insane if they didn’t know where they were going. Or have a say in the first place. I include myself in this category.

Truth or Dare: We love a dare in the US and a place to check off all of our accomplishments. A lot of Bach parties have a checklist of random things the Bachelorette has to do in the night. Get a guy to buy a round of shots, dance on the bar, ride a mechanical bull in a dress…you get the picture.

Glamorous: In the UK the hen is sometimes dressed up in a crazy or awkward outfit and paraded around town. In the US there may be a theme, an ugly veil or tiara. But you better bet we are looking our damn finest.

Beer Pong: In both countries the day/weekend usually revolves around drinking, but the UK has the edge when it comes to drinking throughout the day. There are no breaks, food is a suggestion and drinking games are on rotation.

Novelties: Straws, ice luges, whistles, head pieces, candy, etc. In the US, we have figured out a way to make a man’s favorite anatomy into any kind of item. I haven’t discovered the same wealth of these items in the UK. And I tip my hat to the UK for that. 😉

All in all, both are great times! And most importantly you are surrounded by the people you love with an excuse to be super obnoxious.



Outlander is back. It’s the third season and most of it was filmed in Edinburgh. Jamie is still beautiful and all is right in the world.


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