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English wedding

After touring Durham that morning, we arrived in King’s Lynn by mid-afternoon. It’s a small town situated off the River Great Ouse. Scott and I walked around and discovered all 5 streets that made up the charming town and then decided to head back to watch Murray in the French Open! I would like to say we watched because he’s Scottish and have to support, but basically if there is a sporting event on and anyone breathing is playing then Scott will watch it.

That evening, after an unfortunate loss by Murray, we met up with some of the bridal party and had a wonderful dinner at Market Bistro. A cute restaurant that is family-owned and particular about the kitchen closing at 9pm. We got there at 9:15pm and stayed until midnight. They were very sad to hear we were just visiting for the weekend and wouldn’t be returning.

The next morning, we slept in and found a great bistro that served traditional English and American breakfast. After my last breakfast I chose the item called “The All-American breakfast”. I’m not even sorry.


Yes, that is a stack of pancakes with powdered sugar, a blob of butter and a Diet Coke in the distance. Still received UK’s version of bacon, which is not to my liking yet, but I sure did enjoy those glorious fluffy pancakes followed by a thirst-quenching Diet Coke. Only one though, because there are no free refills here.

Ok, back to the wedding! The ceremony started at 3:00pm and was held at Petney Abbey below.



The ceremony was gorgeous and intimate with a cellist playing the bride down the aisle. We then braved the elements outside, under the abbey, for a champagne toast. It looks like a beautiful sunny day, but it was very windy and a bit chilly! UK’s weather is deceiving and you can have all four seasons in the span of one day.


Scott and I posing outside on our way to the reception. Still getting use to Scott having the same hemline as me, but he looks handsome!

The reception area was decorated rustic chic with intricate details provided by the wonderful bride. As you can see above the cake, there were about 500 individual mason jars lining the entire venue. The table names were different Italian places that the couple had visited and loved. Our table was Panzano. Yes, there I am as Ashley Finlay. First time seeing my new name printed somewhere. Not my legal name yet, but as far as the weddings this year, Scott has replied as Mr. and Mrs. Finlay in attendance!

IMG_1616IMG_1618IMG_1621IMG_1622 (1)

The meal was served family style and the server asked who would like to carve the lamb! We laughed and suggested one of the boys, thinking how funny our waiter was. That was until the lamb arrived!

It was delicious though!

The rest of the evening was filled with lots of wonderful wine, an English country band (that played American country music, although a majority of the time I had no idea what they were singing!) and lots of dancing, complete with a ballroom style, choregraphed dance by the bride and groom. Not something you see everyday and something the groom may never live down from his boys. 😉


All in all it was a fun weekend and started the wedding season off right!! We have two more this summer and looking forward to it 🙂

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