It’s Fringe time in Edinburgh! This is a festival that lasts all of August, which basically means you don’t sleep, drink too much and spend a lot of money. I guess like any other month.

Except for two little words…Guru Dudu. The best hour of your life.

This is Guru Dudu.

No, he’s not related to George Jetson. He’s a hunky Aussie that leads a silent-disco and karaoke walking tour around Edinburgh. The hour is spent singing and dancing like nobody’s watching. Except all of Edinburgh is watching. You are with 50 of your closest friends doing the cha-cha, tango and some yoga (you know to help stretch it out). It was bloody amazing! I never use the word “bloody”, but seems fitting here.

Group of friends super pumped and slightly intoxicated.

After we danced and belted out our best Queen numbers to all of Edinburgh, we ended in a bar performing Backstreet Boys to non-paying customers. Some loved it, others looked annoyed. Probably because they would have preferred *NSYNC.

The best part having Scott around is he acts as a personal selfie stick.

After entertaining all of Edinburgh for an hour we went to a nearby bar for some refreshments. However, we kept up the singing and dancing, forgetting we didn’t have 50 other people doing the same. And without our headphones on we didn’t sound as um…talented, as we imagined. But we had dance fever, what would we do? 

Massaoke baby!! Yep, the second best hour of your life.

Massaoke is a big dance floor with a band playing popular songs and displaying the lyrics on a massive screen. Everyone sings and dances until the wee hours of the night. Best part is we got in free by acting like we owned the joint! And by owning the joint, I mean it took about 30 minutes for all of us to get up the courage to sneak in. And BONUS…we talked the nice prosecco lady into giving us free sunglasses. Best night ever!

Our future is so bright.

Now Guru Dudu and Massaoke may have been my favorite night of the festival, but I also got the chance to spend a few other nights with friends enjoying some talented and not so talented acts.

As I may have mentioned before, I’m scared of a lot of things, but one thing I haven’t mentioned (but you won’t be surprised) is space. Not a fan. And if you saw Gravity and weren’t scared shitless then there is something wrong with you. And anything that kills off George Clooney that quickly I’m definitely not a fan of. Anyway, there was this fab comedian who talked about her fear of space, she wore a giant space suit and sang songs. Basically a children’s show for adults. She was also scared of marriage, so if you are a psycho and want to Lance Bass it up to the beyond then at least she had another fear you could relate to.

Just in case you want to check her out. And my nail color is Shells in the Sand btw.

Unfortunately, the acts that followed Miss Outerspace were not as good. The topics ranged from politics, crazy ex-wives and dead mothers. Not ideal. But all were at least accompanied by drinks in George Square, which is a playground of alcohol, food trucks and animal shaped plants.

That’s an elephant, duh.

Fortunately, my festival experience did end on a sweet little number called “The Thinking Drinkers: History of Alcohol”. Enough said.



Solar Eclipse craziness, this past week, has made me laugh. If you want to see the sun disappear in the middle of the day just come to Scotland, folks.

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  1. Great blog! 🙂 Loving that eclipse comment, you couldn’t be more right, lived here my whole life haha. The Fringe is always fun, I’ve never done the silent disco but looks awesome. I think I would love Massaoke too. 🙂

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