30 something

I should really watch that show now that I’m actually in my 30s. Despite the horrible 80s clothes, I could probably relate to all the adulting going on. Or I could just live in Stars Hollow and be part of the 30 something gang. I should probably choose my path soon.

Anyway, in honor of St Patty’s Day, I thought I would share my 30-something birthday fun in Dublin!

My sweet husband took me there for the weekend and we enjoyed the Disneyland of beer! The Guinness factory is one well-oiled machine including four glorious levels of fun!

Pouring room. It was probably called something else, but you get the idea. 

There was a floor filled with Guinness marketing and you could insert yourself into some of the ads. We may have done this after a couple of pints.

There was a beautiful rooftop bar that had cliché Irish rainbows in the distance.

After I successfully learned that I actually like Guinness, we explored what the rest of Dublin had to offer. As you know, no trip is complete without a stadium tour! We went to Croke Park and I learned about hurling. Couldn’t tell you a thing except it’s a game that non-professionals play with over 80,000 spectators, but don’t get paid anything. So like college sports in the US, but less interesting.

Croke Park

Other things I learned about Croker (that’s what the locals call it):

  1. Muhammad Ali boxed there in the 70s and told everyone they could name the tunnel he came out of, after him. They never did.
  2. Beyonce noise-proofed an entire room for Blue Ivy and was generally a big Queen B when she performed there.
  3. They have a Waterford crystal chandelier in the players’ lounge that changes colors.
  4. There is a NYC hurling team. Who knew, who cared?

Waterford crystal chandelier

NYC hurling team jersey

We also went to the oldest university in Ireland, Trinity College, and saw the Book of Kells. And the beautiful Beauty and the Beast library. Yes, I know that was France, but it looks similar to me.

The Long Room of the Old Library

Trinity College campus

On my actual birthday we went to Kilmainham Goal. That means old jail in Dublin. It was filled with stories of hangings and depressing facts about Irish revolutionaries being sentenced there. Happy Birthday to me!

Like our obligatory stadium tours we also always hit up a cathedral in every European city we visit. Balance is important in life.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. When in Ireland.

Finally, we spent a good amount of time in some old Irish pubs. Scott kept complaining that Americans are always more excited about Irish pubs than Scottish ones. And, well, that’s true. Sorry, not sorry.



The following weekend we went to a Six Nations game, that’s rugby, duh?! It was Scotland vs. Ireland and Scotland won!!! This is huge, they never win. It was the closest thing to an American football game I’m ever going to get and I loved it!


So happy after Scotland’s win!!

Posing with the Six Nations trophy and the guy in the band in the hospitality tent!

I have discovered I really like rugby players. That’s all.

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  1. Love it ash! Gah, all the amazing adventures and exotic places you are getting to hang out at! What a birthday celebration. Love you!

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