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Culture Shock

Once returning from England, I started to settle into my new routine of  job hunting, the occasional evening golf session and my horrible driving lessons that usually ended in a few choice words and minor tantrums. Scott says we will laugh about it some day, but all I want to do is drive into whatever body of water is nearby so I can sink the car and figure out how to get a damn automatic! Then magically widen the roads and convert the UK to drive on the right side of the road.

So, all in all, I’m really awesome at being Scottish.



There’s that body of water I was looking for. Honestly, you can’t beat these views.

I have, however, figured out one place that makes me feel a little bit at home and that, I’m sorry to say, is Starbucks. Yes, the over-indulgent coffee chain store that you can find on every corner somehow makes me feel cozy. Despite the fact that I don’t drink coffee and I really don’t need some £5 muffin with ingredients in it that I can’t pronounce. But it’s familiar, has free Wi-Fi and the occasional nice barista. The other day I was trying to figure out which coin to use to pay for an orange juice and the barista sweetly said (in her American accent) it’s the one that looks like a nickel. She said it took her a few months to get use to it and to hang in there. I wanted to leap over the counter, hug her and ask her to be my new best friend! But instead I graciously smiled and tried to avoid eye contact with the not so amused line behind me.

In addition to my new found love for Starbucks, I have also become familiar with the St Andrews University gym. With the kids out (wow, how old am I?), I mean the students gone for the summer, it’s pretty quiet and inexpensive. It’s also about the size and quality of a Gold’s Gym. Not that there is anything wrong with a Gold’s Gym, but having been spoiled with the Leach Center on FSU’s campus, I was a bit taken aback. For those of you who didn’t go to FSU (first of all, I’m sorry for your sad college experience), this is a 3 story building that is filled with the latest workout equipment, including basketball courts, indoor swimming pool and track. And that isn’t even for the athletes, just the students. Anyway, I keep forgetting that college athletics doesn’t exist in the same way over here and that I’m not going to run into a 80,000 capacity stadium with National Championship banners waving in the wind! I know you are all surprised I somehow sneaked in a way to speak about FSU football. And on that note, we might as well take a peak at the 2015 Football Hype video!

Doesn’t that just get you in the spirit! >>—>—>

In the meantime, I have 24/7 golf to watch. Anyone watch the US Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?? Anyone? I sure did. I have married into a golf-loving family. So much so that you tend to trip on a golf ball in the living room of my in-laws. They are. of course, there for putting practice. Never want to miss out on a chance to better your technique.


Honestly, I do hope to learn one day. I’m just not very good at being bad at something and having to struggle so much. And there are several things I’m having to learn here. Things I literally learned as a kid that now suddenly have completely changed. Besides driving, there is the time and temperature. The 24 hour clock is a fun math challenge I get to quiz myself with everyday. And thank goodness for my weather app still in Fahrenheit, otherwise I would have no idea what 15 degrees means without bundling up and getting ready for snowfall.

Gotta go now and have my fifth cup of tea today. Nothing like a nice cup of warmed flavored water. It does help keep me warm though in this not so desirable “summer” weather. I also get some extra use out of my coats and scarves in the middle of June. And those fuzzy slippers I didn’t think I would see until Fall, ha think again!

2 thoughts on “Culture Shock

  1. I loved London Starbucks for those same reasons. And believe me even if you’re not a coffee drinker, come the fall when you’re starting feel pretty homesick, the smells of spiced pumpkin lattes will be very welcomed indeed 🙂

  2. Well, I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to devote 5:55 minutes of my life watching that entire video. The first minute was enough to bring back memories of the films of Leni Riefenstahl (and THAT’S what I learned at FSU – look it up!). I must say that 5 cups of tea per day sounds about right to me, although the quality in the British Isles is, I’m sure, highly superior to what the U.S. has to offer. 🙂

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