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I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

Early this Spring I became a godmother to the most adorable godson ever! As you can see below he was just as thrilled as I was 🙂

Now I know when you think of someone providing religious wisdom and guidance, you definitely think of me. But, don’t worry, I will mainly be providing my godson with well-rounded life advice. Like how to speak American English, what real pancakes are and that a game should NEVER end in a tie. There is a winner and a loser. It’s a tough world out there and I want him to be prepared.


Another of me with Clay, his name is Barclay, but again I’m trying to teach him American names.

With his fabulous parents, Ally and Sharon.


I was truly honored to be asked to be his godmother and can’t wait to continue to teach Clay important things like “Stop crying, be a man”. Ok, ok, enough with The Godfather references.

In addition to the Christening this Spring, we had some wedding fun starting with a hen do in St Andrews! You know, doing the usual hen party stuff.


That is us land yachting. I agree nothing should ever be called yachting that doesn’t include drinking champagne on a boat in the sun. However, here we are in 50 degree weather with really cute helmets “yachting” around the beach. As many of you know, the outdoors isn’t really my thing. And by that, I avoid the outdoors at all costs. Except for pools, beaches and sports stadiums. So fortunately this activity was on my approved outdoor venue list.

It was perfectly safe.

I was a natural. 

Blown away. Til…well never again.


Following this outdoor adventure was the beautiful wedding of our dear friends, Gary and Helena, and it included all of my favorite things.

Scott serving me.


Men wearing various forms of tartan.

Scott attempting to sing.

And a beautiful bride with great friends!


But wait there is more! I know how can there be more after all that good fun. But after the christening, hen party and wedding we ended our Spring with a trip to Corfu, Greece!

This is real life.

And this is the view from our villa with our own private pool.


We spent our days chilling by the pool and our nights eating and drinking.

Wine by the glass didn’t seem to really be an option here and I was really happy about that. The food was amazing, even when I thought I ordered a pizza and got a gyro. My Greek is really good. And when laying by the pool or eating and drinking got to be too much, we rented a boat and explored the island.

The water was crystal blue and we spent the day swimming, reading and occasionally drifting when the anchor wouldn’t work. All in all, it was the most relaxing vacay I have ever been on.

Opa! Til next time!


So with all these great times this Spring, you can’t expect everything to remain so perfect. And well, unfortunately, something traumatizing has happened in the last week. It’s hard for me to even talk about, but I’m going to try.

A few days ago I saw a mouse in my kitchen. I know, it was horrific. And I handled it like any mature adult would by screaming, crying and running to find Scott. Now, fortunately, I have married a very sensitive and nurturing man so he responded the way one should. He laughed and videotaped me hysterically explaining what I had seen. Needless to say, he didn’t fully comprehend the weight of this life ending situation.

I have now decided the best way to handle this moving forward is to never enter the kitchen again and not eat or do laundry. I’m also contemplating moving. Stay tuned.

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