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Back home sports mainly consist of baseball, basketball, hockey, and FOOTBALL. Yes, I capitalized that to emphasize the importance. Over here, soccer is king along with rugby and golf. Then there is a whole slew of sports like cricket, still unsure of it’s purpose and the distinction between Pinocchio’s little friend and it’s weird similarities to… Read More Sports

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The Open Part II

Trust me I never thought I would write a two part blog post on The Open. But, I have left the most exciting part for this post. During my 12 hour days of smiling (because smiling is my favorite), something magical happened. On Thursday, a man with sunglasses, a hat and a hoodie walked in with… Read More The Open Part II

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The Open

It’s been a long, exhausting week and all the while I got to wear this special little number. Just check out my awesome polo and golf pants. Like my sweater? Yep, I wore that the entire week. In July. Never got hot either, not once. Sorry no pics of me actually in it. Just no.… Read More The Open

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Before I met Scott I knew the following about golf: 1. Tiger Woods- because I didn’t live under a rock 2. Arnold Palmer- because who doesn’t love iced tea and lemonade 3. Jack Nicklaus- because he was the Joker 😉 4. Golf carts- because they are like grown up barbie vehicles St. A is buzzing this… Read More Golf

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Culture Shock

Once returning from England I started to settle into my new routine of  job hunting, the occasional evening golf session and my horrible driving lessons that usually end in a few choice words and minor tantrums. Scott says we will laugh about it some day, but all I want to do is drive into whatever… Read More Culture Shock