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Let’s discuss my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. This year I spent the day like usual. Went to work, donned my sombrero, sipped margaritas then spent the night at a karaoke bar. Ok, so Scotland may have confused Thanksgiving with Cinco de Mayo. But considering this was the first time I ever worked a Thanksgiving in my… Read More Thankful

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Don’t worry I’m not going to break out into a Bette Midler medley. This is about the beautiful sandy beaches of St. Andrews. Now while walking on them I might have to wear jeans, a sweater, socks, a hat….you get the idea 🙂 But they sure are pretty. And I’m not thinking of or stalking pics… Read More Beaches

Expat Life, St. Andrews

Pub Race

I am writing this a little hungover, hey just being honest, because I spent last night pub racing around St. A. Yes, in Scotland you apparently Pub Race, not Pub Crawl. Basically, you see how many places you can go to in one night and how fast you can drink while there. They love to do… Read More Pub Race

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The Open

It’s been a long, exhausting week and all the while I got to wear this special little number. Just check out my awesome polo and golf pants. Like my sweater? Yep, I wore that the entire week. In July. Never got hot either. Not once. Sorry no pics of me actually in it. Just no.… Read More The Open

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I’m scared of my own shadow most of the time and did any of you read “The Great Outdoors”, I’m not exactly an outdoorsy type of girl. So I obviously don’t mean bambi hunting, but job hunting. My day consists of stalking recruitment firms in hope they will give in and meet me, so they… Read More Hunting

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The Great Outdoors

Once upon a time an American girl thought she had grown up in the smallest place on earth, Gainesville, FL. Then she moved to St. Andrews, Scotland. Thank goodness it’s beautiful and the accents are far better than ACRs (Alachua County Residents). Sorry hometown, but it’s true! St. Andrews has been my home for a… Read More The Great Outdoors

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Culture Shock

Once returning from England I started to settle into my new routine of  job hunting, the occasional evening golf session and my horrible driving lessons that usually end in a few choice words and minor tantrums. Scott says we will laugh about it some day, but all I want to do is drive into whatever… Read More Culture Shock