Blood, sweat and tears

That’s right…blood, sweat and tears. One month in and I’m ready for battle. Me and that lemon chiffon paint.

Scott and I have been in non-stop flat mode, in hope to push through our giant to do list. Organized in an excel spreadsheet, of course. That I mark off as we complete things.

We were able to finish the foyer, including our snazzy closet. Take a peek.

IMG_3730 copy

And yes, I call our small entrance hallway a foyer. Because it’s where we greet our subjects.

We also worked really hard on painting over the wallpaper, in our bedroom, that we spent hours working on. Why, you may ask? Because it was just lining paper to get our 1890s home to have some kind of flat surface for paint. #1800sproblems

To give you the full effect of how our bedroom has slowly gone from this…


To this…


Let me share the in between moments. Starting with being a super adorable couple and writing our names on the wall and the date before we covered it with wallpaper. Because someone in 20 years is totally going to strip it off and be like aaawww!! Or maybe we will in 2 years when we realize we did a shit job and need to hire professionals.


Once that corny moment was over, I proceeded to cut myself and bleed all over the wallpaper.


It’s ok, I’m fine. I know with losing that amount of blood you are wondering how I continued on. Because I’m a bad ass. The blood is the small red dots on the paper, just in case you missed it.

Then we moved to paint. We decided to give the bedroom a blue and gray feel. And 100 paint samples later we were able to agree upon the exact right shade of bluish gray.


We are buying stock in Homebase, just in case anyone was wondering (Homebase is the Home Depot of the UK, orange tool belt thing and all!).

We finished up the crown molding and started on the fireplace as well. The fireplace has been Scott’s pride and joy. Great idea to strip all of the paint off and get to the original metal! Really adds to the character of the flat.

But that was a pain in the ass, so we painted it to look like the original instead.


Clearly we still have some work to do. Tiling is up next. That should be super easy.

Then because we are awesome at DIY, we even made it to the box room. A box room is like a den. No windows and usually a lot smaller than a bedroom. So like a cave. It’s going to be our guest room/study. And there is a cool lofted bed where you have to climb up a ladder to get to the bed. Am I selling this well? Who wants to come visit us first? Honestly it’s going to be great, we have brightened it up and we are building new stairs. And by “we” I mean a trained professional. Scott means him, because he took wood shop in high school. We will see how that turns out. Stayed tuned.


For those of you who were actually expecting some blood in this post, I won’t disappoint. On top of my near death experience while wallpapering, I walked out of my flat today and noticed this as I looked down.

IMG_3726 copy

The scary thing is I wasn’t so worried that I was bleeding and couldn’t get it to stop, as I was worried that I had absolutely no clue how it happened! I can’t imagine what I would have scratched it on.

IMG_3734 copy

And for those of you more concerned my nail is growing out, don’t you worry I have a manicure appointment tomorrow.


I recently discovered a new word at work this past week. Rubber. Just wait a second. It means eraser over here. But imagine working with a room full of designers who yell out “Does anyone have a wee rubber I can borrow?”, I laugh hysterically every time. Doesn’t get old.

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  1. The house is looking so great, Ash! Love love love how much you guys are doing yourself–very inspiring considering we have to get someone in to even mow the lawn…eeesh 🙂

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