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Let’s discuss my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. This year I spent the day like usual. Went to work, donned my sombrero, sipped margaritas then spent the night at a karaoke bar.


Ok, so Scotland may have confused Thanksgiving with Cinco de Mayo. But considering this was the first time I ever worked a Thanksgiving in my life, I was very happy that I work for a company that has a lot of American clients and therefore love to “celebrate Thanksgiving”. There were American flags hung up all over the office and everyone wore sombreros and had fake Cuban cigars. I have no idea how that last part went with the Mexican theme, but just go with it. It was amazing.


Me at the end of the night wishing all my family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving with a slightly intoxicated selfie. 

And it didn’t end there. I was smart enough to take the following day off work and had planned to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday. So I spent Friday putting up the Christmas Tree while watching Gilmore Girls (the new series had just come out and I may have binge watched it that day, not ashamed), while nursing my hangover and prepping for dinner. It was a good day.


Not staged at all.

Saturday I woke up early, ready to host my first Thanksgiving. Yes, it was my first unchaperoned Thanksgiving dinner and given I’m still a newcomer to the kitchen, the following things happened:

  1. I bought my turkey from a family butcher so I could discuss precise timings and temperature with the friendly butcher man.
  2. I wrote out a detailed list of my recipes and timings for the day, which included my time to get pretty.
  3. I went to the grocery store approximately 4 times that day.
  4. One of the times was to buy another meat thermometer. The first one may have melted in the oven. I can’t even begin to explain what I was thinking. But lesson learned. 🙂
  5. I forgot to explain what Thanksgiving really was to my Scottish guests and all of them brought me gifts. I’m not complaining, but I probably should have explained how it differs from Christmas.

End result was amazing though and our family and friends said they thought it was great. And I believe them!


Look at that beautiful turkey.



And my pretty pretty table.



Thanksgiving virgins, they were such good sports!

Before you ask, Scott is wearing a white and blue stars blazer with red pants. I appreciated the enthusiasm.

After a successful evening, the next morning I was able to watch my fabulous Seminoles beat the crap out of the Gators. Muhahaha.


Thanks to my dear Cari for sending me the shirt. Obsessed! 

Pretty perfect weekend.



Edinburgh loves Christmas! It explodes with lights, music, rides, markets and angry shoppers. It starts in October and doesn’t end until mid-January. It’s fabulous. The Scots also love a good work Christmas party or maybe the whole of the UK does, either way I’m on board. My office closed at 4pm with bubbles flowing until 3am that night. It included office drinks, pre-dinner drinks, dinner drinks and after dinner drinks. I love this country.

Most of December went something like that and was topped off with the best Christmas present ever from my dear hubby. Rugby tickets. Oh and a radiator rack to warm my clothes on. Hands off ladies, he’s all mine.


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