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Happy Anniversary!

Long time, no Cheersblondie!! 

No worries, I’m here to fill that sad hole in your life! And to get everyone up to speed, I’m going to share the top 6 things that have happened in the last 6 months! If you didn’t make the list, don’t take it personally. I’m sure you were number 7. 😉


For my birthday, Scott planned a surprise trip to Lisbon! I love surprises. Especially those that don’t allow me to know what I’m doing for 72 hours. Or what to pack, where I’m bathing and how I’m getting fed. It’s such a thrilling experience. Needless to say, Scott told me a few days before we were leaving because the excitement was literally killing me. But he did a great job picking a place that was 20 degrees warmer!


Lisbon was beautiful and busy, with so much to see! Including a Portuguese soccer game. Because nothing says Happy Birthday Ashley like Portuguese soccer.


Fortunately, there were also castles and wine bars, so I was all good! It was the perfect place to celebrate my somewhere around 30ish bday 🙂


That’s what you call a bathroom here in the UK. Don’t worry, I still ask for the bathroom/restroom. I could be washing my hands or looking at myself in the mirror, I need to know where the entire room is, not just the porcelain throne. Anyway, never thought I would say the bathroom is my favorite place in my home, but it is. Maybe you will understand why when you see where we started from.

  IMG_3962  IMG_3345

And then we had our very own outhouse for a little while, don’t be jealous.


And then bliss.

 IMG_4221  IMG_4220

It’s the little things in life.


My favorite chant :). I have always liked it, but there is something about the UK hating it that makes it even more enticing. Anytime the US is mentioned or we win something (which is pretty often), I shout it out loud. Or at work if I do something well, I just causally chant it to myself. So whatever annoying person came up with it, well done. It brings a smile to my face every time.

Speaking of, I made my first trip back to the good old US of A and it was AMAZING! As usual FL didn’t disappoint with it’s heat stroke capabilities and intense hair ruining humidity. It was perfect. My godmother threw me a beautiful Bridal Shower weekend in Pass-A-Grille. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, a small peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico. Growing up it use to be an oasis away from tourists and still holds a special place in my heart. It was a wonderful beach weekend with family and friends.



In addition to my shower, I had a fab Bachelorette Party in DC! Basically all my favorite people in my favorite city. Our itinerary included:

1. A winery tour, because I have super sophisticated friends. 

2. Mexican food, because Scotland may know how to stuff sausage and fry fish, but guac and margs seem to be a real struggle. 

3. Soul cycle, because who doesn’t want to drag out the inevitable feeling of death after a night out.

5. Lingerie shower that concluded with a video of Scott answering questions about his bride. Complete with him in his “I’m about to tackle another flat project” sweatshirt with paint stains on it and used our recently ripped out fireplace as his backdrop. It was really special.

6. Dinner and dancing with some of my favorite ladies! My bridesmaids killed it. 🙂


The weekend ended in typical fashion singing “Party in the USA” in the cab on the ride home. Click here to enjoy our musical talents!

Just kidding, I have about 5 friends who are cursing me right now thinking I was going to show that. I think we can leave it to Miley and the Barden Bellas for the time being.


Now the perk of calling two countries your home is you get two parties. Woo! I have some lovely friends in the UK who threw me a wonderful hen do!

A hen do is the equivalent to a bachelorette party in the UK. Usually the hen (bride) is dressed up in ridiculous clothes, but my dear friend, who threw it, knew me well enough to know that a LBD was more my style.


She also knew to make it a total booze fest starting with a cocktail making class and then a glam bar hop. As I have mentioned before the Scots take their drinking seriously and this lovely event started at noon and went until midnight. 12 hours of straight drinking, with some dinner in there to keep us from falling over.


I celebrated my one year anniversary in Scotland! It seems like it hasn’t been that long and yet it seems like it’s been forever since I have seen the sun. 😉


I’m officially Mrs. Ashley Finlay! Aaahhh! You will have to wait until  the next post for more on that. Hope it’s not another 6 months. 



I have discovered the wonderful world of fake tanning. Hey, don’t judge, I live in an icicle these days. I have never had to worry about it before because I have fabulous skin that turns a beautiful shade of brown when it’s exposed to the sun. However, when the sun is non-existent, spray tan becomes my only hope. It begins with an awkward 30 minute session of a stranger spraying your naked body and results in looking like an oompa loompa for the next 12 hours. I don’t know why I didn’t move to a grey, rainy place sooner.

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  1. Congrats again Ash! It all looks wonderful and seems like you’re really settling into your fancy Scottish life like a proper Scot 🙂 Big hugs from the other side of the world! xx

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