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Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it’s Cinderelly!

Come on that key is totally the one that Gus Gus could barely get up the stairs.

And speaking of stairs…


And manual labor…


What I’m getting at is I’m basically Cinderella now, see we even have a fireplace.

And, of course my prince, haha.


It’s been one glorious week since we moved in to our new flat in Edinburgh 🙂 There has been a lot of stripping and painting. No, we are not giving our new neighbors a show. I mean a lot of wallpaper stripping and painting of walls, doors, floor boards, etc. We have bought a labor of love, so lots of DIY to do.

Now when Scott first mentioned DIYing our home I thought, ok cool, like make our own picture frames or something? No, DIY over here is more broadly used to mean home repair, which is very tricky. So here we are a week later and I have paint in places one should never have paint. And it’s never coming off, no matter how many times I shower. I got dressed for work today, not realizing that you can still see paint on my legs through my tights. Yep, I’m that girl.

So what have we been up to besides painting? Well, obviously making our Pinterest dreams come true! Yes, I want our bedroom to look and feel like the sounds of the beach.  How do I do that?? Oh wait, I don’t, because Pinterest is a liar!!

Yet, everyday I pin something else to that evil website, thinking how I will make all my dreams come true by magic.

So I’m being more realistic and making our foyer and hallway into the sunshine 🙂



That’s before and semi-after of our hallway with a new coat of lemon chiffon paint. I know, we are really fancy. I am kind of mad though that the before picture doesn’t show quite how bad it was. Because I’m a really awesome painter and I don’t think these images are presenting it that way. But I am.

And Scott is really good at…


Basically he has figured out how to strip paint off of every surface in our home and make a huge mess.


No, that’s not fair he’s also really good at stripping wallpaper and making a huge mess too.


Honestly, I could paint for days, but I am going to hunt down the person who invented wallpaper. Scott had much more patience with it than I did. I got bored pretty quickly and recruited his mom to help. Sorry, not sorry.


I know you all are drooling over our beautiful new home. Don’t worry, there is one room that’s not a complete construction zone. The kitchen! And for those of you that know me well, you know that is my favorite room in a house. 😉


Please check out our cute mini fridge. No, that’s not our wine cooler. That’s for all our food! Brings back fond memories of living in the ADPi house and using that just for wine and hummus.


Ok, not much has changed 10 years later. Anyway, more to come on the home front. Wait until you see our bathroom from the 1960s 🙂


In addition to home improvement, we finally had a night out in Edinburgh and went to see a Scottish comedian, Kevin Bridges. I was sitting in an auditorium with hundreds of people and the only one not laughing. Not because I’m a bitch and hard to amuse, but because I literally had no freaking clue what he was saying. I thought he was speaking French or something, but apparently he’s just from Glasgow.


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  1. What ARE you going to do with that fridge? !? Will you get a bigger one or just shop every day for food? Or better yet, use it as an excuse to eat out EVERY night?!

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